Sundown Glen a Katy, Texas Community

Like many of you, I endured structural damage from Hurricane Ike. Also, like many of you, I fought with my insurance company and then struggled to find an acceptable contractor to fix the damage. All of that took nearly a year. I'm pleased to say that after all of that effort, I now have a new roof. My contractor, that I genuinely liked, placed a sign in my front yard so that others might decide to take care of their own issues. It worked. Several homes on my block got new roofs. As in making the neighborhood look better.

I also started receiving deed restriction violation notices for that sign. Seems as though Crest didn't approve of my own personal efforts to beautify the neighborhood. I battled with Crest and got my minutes of fame in front of the Board. I was met with hostility and derision. I pointed out how the Deed Restrictions for my section do not allow for any signs, save for forsale/for lease. I pointed out that every single alarm sign, school booster sign and Sundown Glen Yard of the Month sign was also a violation. Their response? Nuh, uh! They claimed that the ACC guidelines allowed for alarm signs (it did, but not anything else). I pointed out that the ACC guidelines also stated that if there is a conflict between the ACC guidelines and the Deed Restriction, the Deed Restrictions will prevail. Their response? We will continue to violate your contract with this community:

After discussing your concerns, the Board unanimously voted not to purse school spirit and alram signs; all other signs will be pursued unless during an election.

Just so we are perfectly clear, I stressed to the Board the legal concept of arbitrary and capricious actions that would jeopardize the Board and HOA's ability to effectively discharge their responsibilities. It would appear that not only do they not give a damn, they also have no problem giving me or any other resident written ammunition to fight them in a court of law. Well done!